Blueberries are Healthier than you Think, Study Shows

Adding fruit to your daily diet is important. Fruits provide you with tons of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fiber. But some of them have benefits beyond their vitamin content. And often we are unaware of what else they bring to the table. The heart-protecting, cancer-fighting properties of blueberries, for example, are well known. But few people know of its other effects, which are even more attractive.

Blueberries protect the heart, fight cancer


Blueberries and red berries, in general, are known to protect the heart, as shown by a 2013 study conducted at the Harvard Medical School. They are also filled with antioxidants, which help our body fight cancer. But what do you know of its other benefits? That’s what the students of the University of Florida wanted to find out in their recent study. The goal was to evaluate the consumers’ knowledge of the blueberries’ health benefits. To this end, doctoral student Shuyang Qu, along with several colleagues, surveyed over 2,000 people on the matter.

Benefits we don’t know of


The results show that people know of the blueberries’ effects on theheart, and also of its potential to prevent cancer. But what they don’t know is that these tasty little berries help improve vision, memory, and revert some of the effects of aging.

People being more familiar with blueberries as deterrents for cancer and heart disease may be related to the high general awareness of these two diseases. The fact that cancer and heart diseases are the leading causes of death in America may have led to more personal research related to preventing the diseases, leading to the respondents being exposed to these findings more than other benefits.

Shuyang Qu

Qu suggested that blueberries should be promoted much more, especially during their season.

Nutrition and health benefits


Blueberries have few calories (just 57 in 100 grams), and no fat worth mentioning. They come with a hefty dietary fiber content, and lots of vitamin C. But its benefits come not from its nutritional content, but from other bioactive substances found in it.

Blueberries contain large amounts of anthocyanins, a class of flavonoids, which give them their color. But their benefits go beyond that: they have been shown to improve glucose disposal, increase neuronal signaling in the brain, and helping the memory function. Including blueberries in your daily diet will most likely help you avoid the effects of aging on your brain, by improving memory and coordination. And they have also been shown to improve nighttime vision – an effect known as early as the 1940s.

In conclusion, eat more blueberries. They will help you stay younger, healthier – and they taste amazing, too.

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