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Eating healthy is very important – it fuels our body and adds the much needed vitamins and minerals to our diet.

Through this section we’ll give you a new healthy recipe of the week, helping you keep working at your best – and keeping your costs low as well.

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New Potato: Everything you Need to Know

Potato is a staple food in the Western world, much like the other starch-bomb we eat every day, wheat. It’s a versatile, dependable food, which can be prepared in a myriad of variants. Potatoes are available pretty much all year, except for one seasonal version, usually referred to as “new...

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Winter Roots Salad – Healthy Recipe of the Week

Even if all you have at hand is a few roots – like carrots, celery, parsley and others – and some store-bought mayonnaise, you can quickly put together a filling and healthy Winter Roots salad for dinner. I do this quite often, using anything at hand. Celery and carrots are...