Hangover Remedies to Have Ready for New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve – it’s a time for celebrating the passing of the old year and the start of a new. The “celebration” part, though, usually comes with high levels of alcohol consumption, which can lead to massive hangovers to start the new year with. But this doesn’t have to catch you unprepared. You can have proven hangover remedies ready for consumption when you wake up for the first time in 2016.

Preventing hangovers

Hangover remedies moderation

Prevention is the best hangover remedy. And by “prevention” I mean drinking in moderation, which is the best way to prevent headaches, nausea and the other – unpleasant – effects of alcohol on your body. But there are times when this type of prevention simply doesn’t do the trick. Like New Year’s parties, for example. Luckily there are quite a few – proven – ways to avoid being hungover in the morning.

Congeners – the toxic by-products of alcohol formation – are known to increase the intensity and frequency of hangovers. Thus, drinks with high levels of such congeners should be avoided. Colored spirits, like whiskey, bourbon and rum, are high on such congeners (with bourbon being the highest), while colorless drinks like vodka, gin and white rum, are low on them.

Eating before you drink is another proven way to reduce the effects you feel the morning after. Drinking on an empty stomach will help alcohol be absorbed much faster (it will get you drunk in no time). Besides, due to the extra strain on your liver, it can worsen the effects in the morning after. Eating before and during drinking will help you stay (a bit more) sober for longer, and might even save you the headache of the year.

Hangover remedies to try the morning after

Egg yolk health claims

The first pharma company to release an effective hangover remedy will surely become the richest – and most loved – of them all. But until then you’ll have to stick with what you have at hand to cure the headaches, nausea and other “after effects” of last night’s (or year’s) party. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence on hangover remedies that work. And there are quite a few that have been proven by science to be effective.

Drinking plenty of water is a surefire way to reduce the strain on your body. Part of the hangover’s symptoms are caused by dehydration (alcohol is a diuretic). Replenishing your water reserves will help you recover faster. If you choose sports drinks instead of water, you are doing yourself a favor – their electrolytes will help your body get back to nominal even quicker.

Lemon Water

Some foods are known to help with hangovers, too. Eggs are among them – aside from being a healthy source of protein, eggs contain cysteine, which helps break down acetaldehyde (the main culprit for hangovers). Other foods you’ll want to see on your plate the morning after are asparagus, which helps break down ethanol and acetaldehyde, Vegemite (an Australian product, which is high in vitamin B) and wasabi, which helps you get rid of the toxins in your system faster.

There are some more exotic hangover remedies that are worth a mention. Among them you’ll find coconut water, which has been shown to improve the symptoms of hangover within the hour, or prickly pear cactus fruits, which alleviate dry mouth and nausea.

Dishes that double as hangover remedies

Eggs Benedict Hangover Remedies

As you can see, food is among the best ways to relieve the stress caused by heavy drinking. But not all foods are created equal. There are some recipes that double as hangover remedies (aside from being delicious).

Yaka Mein is a soup discovered by American soldiers stationed in Korea as being the go-to remedy against hangovers. It contains beef, noodles and eggs, and replenish both the nutrient and water supplies of the body.

Korhelyleves (it roughly translates as “drunkard’s soup”) is made using sauerkraut, sausages and other smoked meats, is a habitual dish on January 1st in Hungary. The soup is sour and rich, and it can truly help with hangovers (I’ve tried it quite a few times myself). Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try.

Eggs Benedict is another – tasty – dish to serve as a hangover remedy. It is said to have been invented by a drunkard after a massive party. It contains everything you need for a filling breakfast, and several ingredients known to help with hangovers.

Hangover remedies


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