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Let’s Talk About SCAM

People are often doubtful of what the health and beauty industry claims. They often see the “Big Pharma” as a business built to take people’s money and offer limited solutions to their health issues in return. And some of them turn to SCAM, even when their health issues are in...

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Blast from the Past: Weapon Ointment

The credulity of some people can be amazing. They will believe everything that sounds even remotely plausible, even if it is nothing but utter bullsh*t. Some people will buy the snake oil offered by ruthless businesses to keep healthy, and they often end up having more problems than before. Some...

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3 Health Fads Debunked by Science

Humanity’s history is filled with methods of healing and keeping healthy that are dubious at best. And some of them are truly horrifying – in the past, mummy dust was, for example, considered to be medicine. We are not without dubious health fads today, and many of them seem believable thanks...