Healthy Drinks to Down in the Summer

Drinking enough fluids is vital for our health, especially when it’s warm outside. During the torrid days, you lose much more of your water reserves than in the rest of the year. And said reserves need to be replenished. We’ve already told you what drinks you should avoid in the summer. Now let’s take a look at what healthy drinks you can choose as alternatives.

The general rule for healthy drinks

As a general rule, healthy drinks have no added sugar, no preservatives, no caffeine, and no alcohol. This is often hard to avoid, but it’s worth a try. What they should have, in turn, is vitamins to keep you healthy, and minerals to replenish what you lost through sweating. And, of course, a fantastic taste.

Coconut water

drink enough

The clear liquid you find inside green coconuts is amazing. It’s clean enough to be readily accepted by the body. This is the reason why it is often used as a substitute for saline, intravenously. But it also makes a great summer refreshment.

Coconut water has just 45 calories per cup, very little fat, and zero cholesterol. What it has, in turn, is a hefty dose of sodium and potassium, vitamins C and B6, as well as calcium and magnesium. In short, it’s the perfect drink after a healthy workout, or on a torrid summer day.

Fruit and vegetable waters

healthy drinks in the summer

Coconut water is often hard to come by. But water is easy to acquire, and you can always boost it with fruit, vegetables, and herbs. These will make it not just tastier, but healthier as well.

We’ve already told you about the benefits of lemon water. But lemon is not the only thing you can use. Basically, any fruit and veggie of your choosing can serve as an ingredient. Try mint for its energizing effects, cucumber for its B vitamin content, or even rosemary for its amazing taste.

Speaking of herbs


Chilled herbal teas also work great as summer drinks. I, for one, usually make a large bowl of mint and chamomile tea, spice it up with a bit of lemon and honey, and keep it cold. Aside from being a great summer drink, it has miraculous effects on my digestion. And it’s very easy to make.

Just make sure you go easy on the sugar and honey. If it’s too sweet, it won’t work against thirst…

Non-alcoholic beer


Sometimes you simply can’t last through the day without the bitter taste of a beer. But alcohol is a no-no… so you need alternatives. Luckily, you have non-alcoholic alternatives that can give you a similar taste and experience, but without the negative effects of alcohol.

Several studies have proven the benefits of non-alcoholic beer on sleep, copper utilization, bone health, and recovery after a tiresome workout.

Staying hydrated is vital in the summer. Just make sure you resist temptation and drink what’s good for you!

Istvan Liptak

Istvan is a self-made health and fitness enthusiast, as well as an amateur cook with a professional diploma. He only practices cooking at home, but this doesn't break his enthusiasm for healthy eating.

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